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Time Not Lost - Under Development

A fishing adventure.

Our adventure starts waist-deep in melted snow, in the Snowy River, New South Wales, Australia. The Snowy Mountains region of Australia is like no other landscape on Earth. The roads wind through wind-swept, craggy landscapes punctuated by grey boulders. Ghostly white-trunked Snow Gums against the ancient landscape create a pale, poignant and very particular beauty. Wild horses, wild deer, kangaroos, wombats, and deadly snakes are the keepers of these hills and valleys. Wedge-tailed eagles circle overhead in the chill mountain air. And through it all, the Snowy River gushes and tumbles, bursting with life, an elite fly fisherman’s delight.  Up here in the cold, clear air, people in the tight-knit community know the name Matt Tripet – a world-class fly fisherman, an impassioned adventurer, a loving family man, and hero of the Time Not Lost story.

Time Not Lost is a feature-length adventure documentary which features this inspiring, boundary-pushing, dedicated and soulful elite fly fisherman as he pushes both himself and his sport to their limits. We follow Matt as he embarks on a life-changing voyage, in pursuit not only of “quarry”, the name given to the prized fish, but of adventure, beauty and peak experiences in majestic, awe-inspiring, and often inhospitable natural settings. For Matt, fly fishing is just as much about the journey to discover the un-trodden parts of the planet where the sport leads him as it is about the capture of the fish themselves. Matt’s respect for the rivers, streams and mountains he traverses has no limits, and this reverence for the natural world is evident in his approach to his sport and indeed to his whole life.

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