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The role of the Australian Space Agency is to encourage Australian small and medium businesses to consider space when it comes to joining supply chains and looking at new markets. It’s all about facilitating connections between industry and government when it comes to space technology and industry, with the view of creating jobs and economic growth.


As part of their outreach to industry and the wider community, we were engaged to produce a series of films to help explain the benefits of working in space, and that those opportunities exist now. Our aim was to paint a picture of how space has helped in the past, how it helps today and how it will help in the future.


From farming to everyday life, space is already involved in many parts of our lives. And it will continue to have a greater benefit on how we live, work and play. The films form part of the key touch point for staff from the agency to use domestically and internationally at events. 


We are very proud to work with the Agency on these films and it was a thrill to see them come together.