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The Hands of Rescue:
Dr Barry Kirby AO


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Now a general practitioner specialising in obstetrics, and having a pilot's license to boot, Barry now spends most of his time in Milne Bay Province in PNG, travelling around remote areas to conduct maternal health checks, train midwives and deliver baby bundles to expectant mothers. The baby bundles, funded by donations from Send Hope Not Flowers, contain some basic essentials for newborns including a baby bath - simple gifts that are seeing a dramatic increase in mothers opting for supervised deliveries that is resulting in a reduction in maternal death rates in PNG.

Send Hope Not Flowers aims to reduce maternal death rates in developing countries, and Dr Barry Kirby is one of those who's devoted his life to achieving this. A Hope Story tells the story of Barry, who, supported by donations from Send Hope Not Flowers, is making big changes to the lives of mums in Papua New Guinea, which is saving lives. This moving short film was produced and filmed by our Director and Cinematographer, Michael Fardell.