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Red Bull Hardline


Live broadcasts

Screencraft was selected to produce the global broadcast of Red Bull Hardline, live from Maydena, Tasmania.

Widely recognised as the toughest downhill mountain bike event in the world, Red Bull Hardline left its original home of Wales for the steep and rugged terrain of Tasmania.

The world's best mountain bike riders competed in this event, used to develop some of the world’s most challenging mountain bike trails.

This was a live broadcast like no other:

• 43 cameras

• 75 crew

• 7 kilometres of cable

• More than half a million viewers

Screencraft provided crew, camera equipment, camera plots, pre-production up the wazoo and more, all from the Apple Isle, accessible only by air and sea.

With more than half a million viewers within the first 24 hours of the event, Red Bull Hardline Tasmania has set the standard when it comes to epic live broadcasts.