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Discovery Centre 3D Film


Case Studies

Screencraft was commissioned by the CSIRO to create a 3D film about some of the various discoveries in science. The film saw our team travel around Australia to capture the film, with our 3D Camera system. The film is exhibited at the Discovery Centre in Canberra, and is 3D glasses are to be worn to watch the film. We also mixed the audio in 5.1 surround sound to heighten the experience.

Julius, a native stick insect, was created to help narrate the film and to help us connect to the science. The CSIRO Discovery Centre is an award-winning public attraction showcasing our science and technology achievements. The CSIRO Discovery Centre offers an interactive journey through CSIRO and Australian science history. It is one of the national capital's major attractions.Science is presented in an entertaining way to demystify it, and educate people of all ages about the fascinating world of research and innovation.While CSIRO Discovery aims to capture the imaginations of people over 12 years of age, many younger children are enjoying Discovery because of its health and well-being displays, OptIPortal theatre, [email protected] and the hands-on experiments in the DiscoverLab.